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Name: White boy

Video Clips:
Exposed & Tickled
Foot Tickle, Ball Press

This 28 y/o boy has had very little experience with bondage or fetish play, but wants to get into doing that's why he contacted me. He insisted that he bruises very easily, so he didn't want to get spanked.....ahhhh....poor boy! He even joked about being a lily white boy. After I got him stretched up and stripped naked, I realized that he had a valid concern. This boy really is lily white and would tend to bruise easily. So that's how he earned the name White boy! And now it was time to strip him and expect his body for vulnerable spots. He ended up being a bit ticklish, particularly around his bellybutton. I attached suction cups to his tits and then went to work on his cock. After getting him hard, I pulled out my cock paddle and proceeded to spank his boner. His butt might bruise easily....but I wanted to see if I could bruise his cock, too!

Now that I've explored most of White boy's body, it was time to inspect his feet. I hoisted his left leg up so I could get at his foot, pulled his sock off and inspected his foot. This boy has very sexy feet, but even more important.... his feet are very ticklish. I loved tickling his feet while he squirmed and twisted around trying to escape. But, of course, there is NO escape. So I took plenty of time tickling both feet, his pits and navel. Eventually, I zeroed in on his genitals and decided to attach one of my ball presses to his balls. Then is time for some CBT.....