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Name: Latino boy

Video Clips:
Tickled with CBT
Vibrator Teased & Tickled

I kick off this session by having Latino boy hold up some weights while still in his boxer shorts. Then I feel up his biceps.....and his armpits! Since he is extremely ticklish, I had to take the weights away and tie his arms above his head. Then the real fun began. I attach his armpits with a vengence. He was, of course, bouncing around quite a bit, so I decided that tie his balls to one of those weights and stretch it out in front of him. This made him a lot more vulnerable to well as to getting his balls tortured. And the tickle torture continued!

Now boy is strung up spead eagled in the bondage frame and ready for even more teasing and tickling. I start off with some intense cock teasing with my new vibrator (and attachment). Eventually, I put the noose on his abused balls and stretch them down so I can tie them to the spreader bar that I have attached to his feet. So now, any bouncing around he does will jerk his balls around! Poor boy!