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Name: Personal Trainer boy

Video Clips:
Blindfolded & Tickled
Bellybutton & Tummy Tickle

Now that P-trainer boy has been stretched and stripped, it was time to explore his very sexy, toned body. First, I put my blindfold on him so he didn't know what I was going to do to him. Then I set about touching (tickling) him in all of his most intimate and private places! And, as it turns out, this boy was extremely ticklish. Soooooooooooooooo I had LOTS of fun with him. I really love it when I can make a toned boy squirm and flex as he tries to escape my probing fingers. And, of course, I also felt the need to grab hold of his testicles and give them a good hard squeeze and pull....just to make sure he knew who was in charge.

Boy is now in a position to do some serious bellybutton and tummy tickling. I start off by toying with his cock so I get him nice and hard. Then the tickle fun begins. I quickly discovered that his mid-riff and tummy areas are very sensitive. And I really make him squirm when I poked my finger into his navel....more squirming, in fact, than when I poked his asshole. Eventually I repositioned his arms to make it a bit more comfortable....but I never let up on the tickle torture. If you want to see a sexy boy body squirmed and struggling to escape....then this is the clip for you!