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Name: Mechanic boy

Video Clips:
Sucking Cock & Feet
Servicing Sir Cock
More Sex Play

Mechanic boy is an excellent cock sucker! He's probably soooooooooo good at it because it turns him on so much that he tends to stay hard whenever I stick my cock down his throat. In this clip, I have him on his knees (just where a boy should be) while he services my cock with his mouth and ass. I also require him to pull off my sweaty sock and kiss/lick my feet!

Now I have my boy on the bondage bed where I have a fun time using his sexy body (all parts) to give me some pleasure. We do a lot of 69ing. Boy services my cock while I lick, bite and nibble on his cock and balls. This was a fun sex play session with my boy. Love it when we both get bonerized and sex it up together!

If fact, I love doing sex play with this boy so much, that I continued exploring his body in this clip. This time I have boy up on top of me while he uses his ass/butt to tease my boner. Then we go back to basic cocksucking. Mechanic boy has his head resting on my tummy while he swallows my cock....whole!