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All rights reserved. This video clip is actually a combination of 2 different fuck sessions. I sometimes get this boy over for some sex play, but not a full bondage session. And I occasionally video the fun....but don't post it on my site. This time I'm doing something a bit different and including an earlier fuck session (in my suite) with the fucking from this session. After fucking boy's tight ass while in my suite, I took a bit of a break and had boy on his knees...servicing my cock...and helping me get naked. Then I jumped on top of him and fucked his ass....long and hard!

Now boy is flat on his back with his legs in the air (the best position for a boy to be in!). And now it's time for some dildo play. I start off with a medium sized dildo...just to get him warmed up. Then I pulled out the exact copy of Mechanic boy's cock that I made a number of years ago (using "Clone a Willy" kit)....and decide to see if boy could take his own cock up his ass. Mechanic boy's cock is very thick (nice!) and it was a very tight fit. BUT I managed to get it up his ass...while he groaned and moaned. Nothing like fucking a boy's ass with his own boner!

Since I how have boy's ass nice and loosened up, I decided it would be fun to stuff the electric butt plug up his ass and see what kind of response I could get out him. And I got some fun responses.....including getting him rock hard and right on the edge of cumming! And, if fact, boy eventually did shoot sperm all over! However, this time SIR will admit to fucking it up. I was going to give boy a break so I turned off the vid...but he was sooooooooo charged up, I continued to toy with him for a bit. And wouldn't you know...he couldn't hold it back and shoot all over the place...and I missed getting it on video! DAMN! I included a bit of the clean up (you can see the sperm on his tummy) so you can see that he did squirt his load. But since I realized that I missed recording his cum (it was boy's fault, of course) I ended up stretching him up again and milking another orgasm out of him. You see that cum shot in the next clip!