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Name: Runner boy

Video Clip:
Butt Plugged
Ass Poked & Probed

Runner boy has a very nice ass...perfect for spanking and plugging! So I decided to mount him on my spank/fuck bench and do some probing of his asshole. First, I put his balls in my humbler and then pulled them up so his balls were sticking out and his boner was pointing straight down. After loosening up his tight hole with my fingers, I pulled out my inflatable butt plug and crammed it up his ass. Then I started teasing his ass by pumping up the dildo which caused him lots of discomfort at it expanding inside his ass. Oh....and did I mention that this butt plug also has a vibrator built in!

In this clip, I've flipped boy over and put him face up with his legs spread....and in the air. Then I pulled out a dildo that I have mounted on a monopod. After cramming the dildo up his ass, I proceed to fuck him with it. Boy does lots of moaning and groaning, but his cock stayed rock hard! Then I pulled out my electrified butt plug. After stuffing it up his ass, I tied his boner up so I could see it....and toy with it. Then I threatened to plug the dildo into my Folsom unit.....and electrocute his ass!