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Name: Latino boy

Video Clips:
Foot Torture

Latino boy really does not like feet. I found that out early in his training. And I made it clear to him, that when he is in training in Sir's Dungeon, he will be required to deal with my I will deal with his. So now it was time for some more foot sucking/licking training for this boy. I love rubbing my sweaty feet over a boys face...and forcing my toes down this throat. This is fun even when the boy is really turned on by my feet. But it is particularly exciting when he is NOT into feet. So I had a great time forcing him to get really up-close-and-personal with my feet. Eventually, I got bored with this, so I moved down to his feet and started having some fun. I use my fingers, tongue, vibrators and neural stimulator on his feet. And boy oh boy did he do a LOT of squirming and twisting around...trying to escape. But there is NO escape from the Dungeon!