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Name: USMC boy

Video Clips:
Foot Humiliation
Foot Torture

USMC boy is really NOT into feet, so what better way of humiliating him than to put him flat on his back so I can put my ripe feet all over his body. I step on his cock and balls, stand on his body. I even force him to pull my smelly socks off my feet using only is his mouth and teeth. He was not pleased, to say the least! And, then, I stick my feet in his face and make him suck and lick my feet. He managed to get my feet really clean with his tongue, getting into all the spaces between my toes. Oh, but I think it left a very bad taste in him mouth. Too Bad!

Now it's time to work on this boy's big feet. So I put him in the foot stock and hoisted them in the air so I could get at them. I rubbed some oil onto his feet to make them slick, shiney and sensitive. I used my fingers as my main instrument of torture, but I also used some rope pulled between his toes and my neural Stimulator on the soles of his feet. Then I pulled out my buggy whip and give his bare feet some hard whacks. This clip ends with some severe foot tickle torture using my trusty vibrator!