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Name: Nudist boy

Video Clip:
Noosed Balls
Cock Stroked, Pinned Balls

After working over this boy in his undies for a while, I then ripped-stripped them off of him and stuffed them in his mouth as a gag. Then I pulled out my noose, looped it around boy's balls and then cinched it up nice and tight. And, of course, I added a weight to the noose so it would jerk on his balls whenever he moved around. Then is was time to make him move around by tickling his pits and torso. Eventually, I decided to have some more fun with his balls. So I pulled his ankle up and tied it to this thigh. Then I attached his balls to his tied up ankle. Now, when I tickled his feet, he bounced around quite a bit...and it balls didn't like that at all!

Nudist boy is now strung up in my sling and exposed for some genital play. I drive him crazy by stroking and teasing his boner with my hands... and vibrator. Eventually, it was time to give him some pain, so I attach clothespins to his scrotum. Then the stroking continues..... but boy knows it would not be in his best interest to cum while his nuts are loaded with clothespins. So he works hard to hold it back!