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Name: P-trainer boy

Video Clip:
Ball Press

Nothing gets a boy's undivided attention like some CBT! I love pulling out my lucite Ball Press and watching a boy's reaction when I stuff his balls between the plates.....and start turning the screw! And to make things even more fun (for SIR!), I pulled out my vibrator so I could stimulate his cock. And when I put the vibrator down on the ball press, his flattened balls really got some stimulation. Boy didn't like having his balls all! Even after I took the ball press off, I couldn't resist grabbing his nuts so I could pull and squeeze them. And this wasn't the end of boy's genital abuse.....

OK, I admit it. I enjoy squashing Trainer boy's balls so much that I couldn't resist doing it again. This time I used my other ball abuse device. With this device, I insert his balls through a hole in the lucite.. Then I can either leave his cock between the plates and squeeze it, too. Or I can stuff his cock up through the hole in the top plate and only flatten his balls. Boy actually got kind of hard while his balls were being flattened in this device. So, of course, I had to give his boner some stimulation with my vibrator and the Neural Stimulator! And I sure got some nice response from Trainer boy.