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Name: Runner boy

Video Clips:
Exposed for CBT
Electro Torture

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Runner boy has a very nice set of genitals! And, of course, when I find a cock/ball package that turns me on.....I just have to torture it! So as soon as I exposed his genitals, I made plans to hurt them. I pulled out one of my ball crushing devices and went to work. Putting a rubber cockring around his balls helps to hold them in place and keeps them from escaping back up into his body. Then I insert his balls between the clear plexiglass pads of my ball crusher....and then the fun really begins. After squashing his balls as flat as pancakes, I once again offered to collar him so he could avoid even more torture. He refused! A BIG mistake!

Since Runner boy wasn't interested in getting collared, it gave me the perfect excuse to do even more CBT. First, I decided to pull out my newest electro toy....the E-stim unit. I played with this device for a bit, but he wasn't getting zapped enough to satisfy my needs (I'm going to have to experiment more with this device to get the most out of it). So I pulled out my next device.....the Folsom unit. I attached the blue straps to his cock and balls and then the zapping begin. Runner boy definitely felt his genitals getting zapped with electric juice. He should have accepted the collar when he had the chance!