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Name: Muscle boy

Video Clips:
Secured & Felt Up
CBT Device

Muscle boy is a 30 y/o str8 guy who does construction work and fitness training. And his very HOT muscled body sure shows how fit he really is! He showed up for his Dungeon interview with a very interesting story. It seems that muscle boy has a girlfriend who he has tied up a couple of times. He really enjoyed tying her down and toying with her and wants to do it again. However, his girlfriend refuses to let him tie her down anymore......unless he submits to getting tied up! What's more, she doesn't want him to submit to another woman, since she's not comfortable with that. So if he wants to tie her down again, he has to submit to man and allow himself to be tied down....and used! After discovering my site on the web, he got in touch and you can bet that I made the most of this situation!

This clips starts off with Muscle boy firmly secured in my CBT device. This boy has a very nice genital package. He even has a piercing down there. He got hard as soon as I secured his cock in my device....and he stayed that way as I proceeded to torture his genitals. And I also got very hard while working him over. I poked my cock around in his butt and threatened him with a good fucking. I used my cock paddle on his cock and well as on his tits and ass. And I kept Muscle boy on the edge by continually stroking and manipulating his hard cock.