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Name: boy Johnny

Video Clips:
Exposed & Stimulated
Penis Play

After exploring the rest of Johnny's body, I was about time to pull his undies down and inspect his junk. And this boy has a very nice looking set of genitals. So, of course, I had to grab his balls and give them a good hard pull and squeeze. Boy really knows who's in control now! I did a bit more tickling and spanking....and then I pulled out the Neural Stimulator. I had lots of fun running it over every sensitive part of his body. I slowly worked my way down to his genitals. And after sucking on him a bit, I ran the Stimulator all over his boner!

Next Week: Bent Over & Spanked

Now I have Johnny boy stretched out on my bondage bench...naked and available for my use. And, of course, I had plenty of fun making use of his 18 y/o body! I started off licking and sucking on his cock to get him nice and hard. Then I pulled out my trusty vibrator with all of it's diabolical attachments. Boy oh boy did Johnny ever squirm around as I stimulated his boner. I spent the rest of this clip stroking and rubbing his cock....getting him close to cumming, but (of course!) NOT allowing any release. Eventually, I stretched his legs up over his head, so that his cute boy asshole was exposed and available.

Next Week: Plug that Asshole