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Name: Hung boy

Video Clips:
Tickled & Cock Whacked
Jacking & Punished

This clip starts off with some stroking and teasing of Hung boy's meaty genitals. Once I have him fluffed up a bit, I add some clothespins to his tits....and then the serious tickling begins! I alternate periods of intense armpit (and torso) tickling jags with more cock stroking and teasing. Hung boy's cock makes such a nice target, that I can't help but use my cock paddle and vibrator on it. And the vibrator gets some nice response when used on the boy's armpits and tits.

I worked on Hung boy's cock for a while and finally decided to let him have a go at his own cock. This clips starts off with boy jacking his own meat...while I pull on his balls. Eventually, boy finally confesses to me that he doesn't usually cum while masturbating.....but only when fucking ass! Well, SIR's ass is definitely NOT available for boy was out-of-luck ...and I mean REALLY out-of-luck. Because now that I've found out that this boy couldn't give me his load.....I informed him that he would REALLY need to suffer. So I set to work on his entire body! This boy's session ended with some intense full body tickling and some hard butt spanking.

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