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Okay! I admit it! I LOVE to get sucked by a good cocksucking boy. Yeah, I know that it's not nearly as kinky as most of the other activities in my Dungeon. But, just like fucking, it is a very good method for controlling a wayward boy. Just stick a hard cock in his mouth.....and instantly his attention is riveted to my crotch. When I first introduce a boy to my cock, I will always put him on his knees and proceed from there. Check out the suck Scenes below and find out more details about how I control a boy with my cock in his mouth..

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Session Pictures:

Scene 28
Nudist boy
Scene 27
Latino boy
Scene 26
Mechanic boy
Scene 25
Mechanic boy
Scene 24
Mechanic boy
Scene 23
USMC boy
Scene 22
Mechanic boy
Scene 21
Mechanic boy
Scene 20
USMC boy
Scene 19
Shy boy
Scene 18
Pierced & Top
Scene 17
Trimmed boy
Scene 16
Mechanic boy
Scene 15
Mechanic boy
Scene 14
Student boy
Scene 13
Broken boy
Scene 12
Ticklish boy
Scene 11
Broken boy
Scene 10
Mechanic boy
Scene 9
Mechanic boy
Scene 08
Butt Fuck boy
Scene 07
Smooth boy
Scene 06
Mechanic boy
Scene 05
Sk8ter boy
Scene 04
Asian boy
Scene 03
(Part 2)
Scene 01
Goatee boy