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Name:Tattoo boy
Age: 25

Although this boy has a VERY fuckable ass (as you can see below), he is still not comfortable with getting fucked. So when I have him bent over like this, with his sexy butt sticking out... the only thing left for me to do is spank it! However, I will still do lots of teasing and threatening .....just to let him know that I'm still in charge....and could penetrate him if I decided too. But since he also enjoys getting spanked quite a LOT and his butt looks soooooooooooooo juice when it's nice and red.....beat red....I still enjoy paddling him even though I can't fuck him.

Talk about a vulnerable position!
Makes me want to stick something in there! But alas....that will have to wait!
In the meantime, I enjoy using my hands to warm him up a bit.
I sooooooooooooooo enjoy feeling up a boy's butt with my I warm it up....
And once it's warmed up....I pull out the heavier ammunition!
The wooden paddle really puts some color in boy's cheeks......very quickly!
Then it's time for my riding crop.
I can use this tool too target specific areas on boy's butt....and body, for that matter.
And I finish up with the heavy-duty leather paddle.
Ahhhhhhhh.....nothing sexier than a nice boy butt with some color!
Then it's time to spread him out on the bondage bed....
...with his butt propped up using my rubber boat bumper.
And in this position I can use my foot to stroke his very hard cock.
I love this position....very controlling.....and if it looks like I'm have a fun time......well, I am!!