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(by Session)

Age 18
Jordan is a horny 18y/o boy who contacted me about getting used in my Dungeon. He had never done any porn, but he did have some bondage experience. However, he had never experienced anything like what I was about to do to his naked body. So I collared him and let him know that he had better start referring to me as SIR! Then I strung him up in the bondage framed and began the slow strip. Boyo appears in:
Bondage 139
CBT 52
Cum 112
Spank 79
Suck 32
Tickle 79

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Tickled
2. Cock Stock & Spanked
3. Tickled with CBT
4. Cock Teased & Tickled
5. Spanked, Tickled, Teased
6. Spanked
7. Boner Torment
8. Milked to Orgasm
9. Sex Play
10. Bonus Milking

Age 23
I lured this 23 y/o boy into my Dungeon under false pretenses. Sam has done some porn before and he thought that he was coming over to do a "vanilla" sex scene. You know...the usual fuck and suck session. However, needless to say, I had an entirely different scenario in mind. Sam is a very sexually charged boy, so it didn't take me long to talk him into letting me tie him up. But I promised him that it was just for the first scene. Little did he know that I intended to keep him tied up and helpless for the rest of his session in my Dungeon. Boyo appears in:
Bondage 138
CBT 51
Tickle 78
Cum 111

Session 01:
1. Hog Tied
2. Stretched Balls
3. Tickle Torment
4. Zapped Genitals
5. Violet Wand
6. Ball Press
7. Teasing Boy's Boner
8. More Boner Torment
9. Juicy Squirt

Age 30
This 30 y/o boy got in contact with me and actually wanted to dom the Master! Now that takes balls! However, once I set him straight about who is always in charge in my Dungeon; I found out some interesting details about this boy. He has a major need to have his balls busted (as he puts it). And if there's one thing that my dungeon is known's busting boy's balls. Boy appears in:
Bondage 135
CBT 47
CBT 48
Cum 107
Spank 77

Session 01:
1. Stripped, Tickled, Pinned
2. Cock & Ball Stock
3. Ball Weights
4. Noosed Balls
5. Ball Press
6. Electrified Balls
7. Butt & Ball Whacking
8. More Ball Abuse
9. Self Abuse

Age 23
This very sexy 23 y/o boy was very shy and took some "convincing" to get him into my Dungeon. He didn't want anyone knowing his name or location so, of course, I couldn't expose his sexy face. But as you will see, I did expose his sexy body and I had a lot of fun exploring his bare flesh. Boy appears in:
Bondage 126
CBT 38
Tickle 71
Cum 97

Session 01:
1. Strung Up & Stripped
2. Foot & Torso Tickle
3. Genital Abuse
4. Testicle Torture
5. Shocked Cock
6. Tickled & Teased
7. Massive Squirt
8. 2nd Milking

Age 23
John is a 23 y/o str8 boy who has been having fantasies of being tied up by a man. And where have I heard this story before!? Anyway, he has been tied down by a Domme, but has no sexual or bondage experience with a that's where I come into the picture. Boy appears in:
Bondage 123
CBT 35
Fuck 55
Spank 72
Cum 94

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Pinned
2. Cock Stock
3. Electro CBT, Butt Plugged
4. Electric Butt Plug
5. Paddled
6. Cum

Age 30
This 30 y/o boy is very much an exhibitionist! My kind of boy, for sure. He's had some bondage experience but is mostly turned on by exposing himself. But in Sir's Dungeon, he had no control of when (or if) he gets exposed. Boy appears in:
Tickle 69
Bondage 122
CBT 34
Fuck 54
Foot 44
Cum 93

Session 01:
1. Strung up & Tickled
2. Exposed & Pinned
3. Genital Torture
4. Butt Plugged
5. Electric Butt Plug
6. Foot Tickle, Dildoed Ass
7. Butt Plugged, Pressed Balls
8. Vibrator Milking

boy Chris
Age 29
Chris is a 29 y/o boy who gets off on torturing himself! I found some of his posted videos on the net and I just had to get in touch. After all, boys should NOT have to torture themselves. This boy desparately needs a daddy/Master to help him I volunteered! I don't often have a boy victim show up with his own torture devices, but this boy is different. He brought SIR a Eros/tek 232 with associated attachments. This is a new electrical torture device that I am excited to add to my collection. Boy appears in:
Bondage 121
CBT 25
CBT 26
CBT 27
CBT 30
CBT 33
Cum 84
Cum 87
Cum 90
Foot 39
Foot 40
Foot 42
Spank 70
Tickle 62
Tickle 67

Session 01:
1. Jockstrap Tickle
2. Testicle Torture
3. Electric CBT (part 1)
4. Electric CBT (part 2)
5. Ball Press + Clothespins (1)
6. Ball Press + Clothespins (2)
7. Foot Tickle
8. The Humbler
9. The Humbler Plus Electro
10. Unauthorized Cum - Bad boy!

Session 02:
1. Foot Tickle Torture
2. Tickled & Ball Torture
3. Stretched Balls
4. Clothespinned Cum
5. After Cum Punishment

Session 03:
1. Full Body Tickle
2. Humbled & Spanked
3. Violet Wand Zapping
4. Full Body Tickle
5. Cock Tease
6. Clothespinned Genitals
7. Foot Tickle, Stretched Balls
8. Yet Another Unauthorized Cum

boy Johnny
Age 18
Johnny is a sexy 18 y/o boy who is very adventurous. He actually went to the Folsom Street Fair (San Fran's big leather fair) and got really turned on to all the bondage action. So when he saw my site ad, he couldn't resist contacting me. And now it was time to get him strung up and give him his first bondage experience. After collaring him, I strung him up with his clothes on and then slowly began to strip him and explore his body. Boy appears in:
Bondage 114
Bondage 117
Bondage 124
CBT 28
CBT 36
Cum 82
Cum 85
Cum 95
Fuck 50
Fuck 51
Spank 65
Spank 67
Tickle 59
Tickle 63
Tickle 70

Session 01:
1. Strung Up & Tickled
2. Exposed & Stimulated
3. Bent Over & Spanked
4. Penis Play
5. Plug that Asshole
6. Spanked & Foot Tickled
7. Vibrator Milking

Session 02:
1. Punished by Tickling
2. Punished by Spanking
3. Cock Stock
4. Stroked & Shaved
5. Inflatable Butt Plug
6. Ball Press
7. Teased Orgasm

Session 03:
1. Hog Tied & Tickled
2. Torso & Foot Tickle
3. Ball Abuse
4. Teased Orgasm
5. Torso Tickle, Unmercifully
6. Second Cumming

boy Nate
Age 28
Boy Nate is a 28 year old who admits to being turned on by bondage play, but has never had the nerve to try it out....until now. After he discovered my site, he got totally turned on and decided it was time to try it out....with a "professional". So I put him on his knees, collared him and then strung him up for his first bondage experience.

NOTE: I'm running out of "boy names" to give my boys, so I'm beginning to switch over to using their names.
Boy appears in:
Tickle 57
CBT 21
Spanked 64
Fuck 49
Cum 79

Session 01:
1. Stripped, Tickled, Exposed
2. Foot Tickle, Cock Stocked
3. Testicle Torture
4. Spanked
5. Butt Plug
6. Ball Press
7. Jack Off - Big Mistake!

Ripped boy
Age 26
This 26 y/o str8 Latino boy contacted me earlier this year about appearing on my site. When I quizzed him during the interview I found out his real reason for contacting me. Turns out he really wants to tie his girlfriend up and toy with her, but the only way she will allow that is if he actually submits to getting tied up. And of course, she doesn't want him tied by another that's where I come into the picture. He says that he's willing to deal with what I do, but when I tried to collar him...he refused. So looks like yet another dumb str8 boy thinks he can escape the collar while in SIR's Dungeon. NOT likely! Boy appears in:
Bondage 110
Bondage 113
CBT 18
CBT 22
Spank 60
Tickle 58
Cum 75
Cum 80

Session 01:
1. Strung Up & Stripped
2. Genital Abuse
3. Spanked & Flogged
4. Paddled & Flogged
5. Asshole Inspection & Spanked
6. Neural Stimulated & Tickled
7. Clothespinned & Collared
8. Cum

Session 02:
1. Tickled in Undies
2. Torso Tickle Continues
3. Ball Squeeze
4. Suspended & Zapped
5. Waxed & Collared
6. Cock Stroked & Teased
7. The Milking

Curious boy
Age 21
This 21 y/o top boy got in touch with me and says he wants to find out what it's like to be on the bottom. Seems like he's curious about what it would be like to get tied up and submit to another man. And, of course, that's just what I like to do to boys like him. So spent the next few hours tying him up and toying with his body. Love It! After getting him strung up, I slowly began to strip of his clothes and inspect his body. Boy appears in:
Bondage 108
Cum 73
Foot 36
Spanking 59
Tickle 55

Session 01:
1. Strung Up & Inspected
2. Spanked & Tickled
3. Foot Tickle Torture
4. Bent Over & Spanked
5. Cock Teased & Stimulated
6. Torso Tickled & Flogged
7. Violet Wand Zapping
8. The Milking

White boy
Age 28
This 28 y/o boy has had very little experience with bondage or fetish play, but wants to get into doing that's why he contacted me. He insisted that he bruises very easily, so he didn't want to get spanked.....ahhhh....poor boy! He even joked about being a lily white boy. After I got him stretched up and stripped naked, I realized that he had a valid concern. This boy really is lily white and would tend to bruise easily. So that's how he earned the name White boy! Boy appears in:
Bondage 106
CBT 16
Cum 69
Fuck 45
Foot 35
Tickle 53

Session 01:
1. Exposed & Tickled
2. Foot Tickle, Ball Press
3. Testicle Torture
4.Cock Stocked & Tickled
5. Asshole Tease
6. Vibrating Ass Probe
7. Foot Tickle Torture
8. Stretched Balls, Vibrator Tease
9. The Milking

Massage boy
Age 36
Massage boy has been coming over to give me a massage for the past year. This boy is very shy and it took me a while to get him to strip down to his shorts while giving me a massage. He obviously has a very nice body....smooth and I've been wanting to have him submit to me in my Dungeon. However, he has never agreed to do that......until now! Actually, I was sooooooooooooooo fucking determined to get him strung up and naked....I decided I'd have to trick him into getting tied up. First, I convinced him to let me video tape the massage. Then, it took me about an hour to lure him into a position where I could get him secured in my bondage frame. And I FINALLY succeeded in getting him strung up.....and helpless. Boy appears in:
Bondage 105
Spank 58
CBT 15
Fuck 44
CBT 15
Cum 68

Session 01:
1. Tricked & Tickled
2. Spanked & Paddled
3. Butt Plug, Ball Press
4. Ass Plug & Play
5. Ball Press
6. Boy Jack Off

Nudist boy
Age 30
When Nudist boy first contacted me about getting used in my Dungeon, he sent me a nude pic of himself taken in front of San Francisco Opera House! So I knew I had a potential boy who enjoys exposing himself in kind of boy! He's a bi boy and says that he's been fantasizing about getting tied down and dominated by a man. So I knew right away that I had to get him strung up in my Dungeon and make him sing an aria! Boy appears in:
Bondage 100
Bondage 104
CBT 12
CBT 14
Cum 63
Cum 67
Foot 32
Foot 34
Spank 54
Spank 57
Tickle 52
Suck 28

Session 01:
1. The Inspection
2. Colorful Clips
3. Stocked & Pinned
4. The Humbler
5. More Clothespins
6. Foot Tickled
7. Servicing Sir: Sucking and Rimming
8. Milked & More

Session 02:
1. Stimulated in Undies
2. Noosed Balls
3. Tickled with CBT
4. Spanked with CBT
5. Foot Tickle Abuse
6. Cock Stroked, Pinned Balls
7. Sling Milking

Shaved boy
Age 35
This 35 y/o str8 boy has been curious about submitting to man for quite a while....and now he finally gets his chance to experience some testosterone energy. He tells me that he has tried submitting to girlfriends in the past, but just doesn't get the kind of domination he craves. So that's where I come into the picture. This boy keeps his body hair trimmed/shaved, so that's how he earned his boy name. Boy appears in:
Bondage 98
Fuck 41
Spank 52
Tickle 47

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Tickled
2. Covered in Clothespins
3. Spanked & Paddled
4. Cock Vibrator Tease
5. Ass Probe
6. Cock Tease, Violet Wand
7. Stroked & Showered

Latino boy
Age 18
As soon as this sexy 18 y/o boy contacted me, I knew that I had to lure him into my Dungeon. I enjoy getting a totally inexperience boy collared for training. They are always really eager to please, and this boy was no exception. When he showed up in my Dungeon, he had no experience with bondage, role play or I had a LOT of work to do. I laid into this new boy pretty intensely during our session and he's still excited about coming back for more. That's a good sign! Boy appears in:
Bondage 95
Bondage 96
Foot 28
Foot 29
Fuck 40
Tickle 45
Tickle 46
Spank 49
Spank 50

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Tickled
2. Tickled & Vacuum Pumped
3. Cock Stocked & Spanked
4. Vibrated, Spanked, Tickled, Pinned
5. Foot Tickled
6. Spanked & Ass Probed
7. Foot Tickled, Cock Tease
8. Torso Tickle

Session 02:
1. Over the Knee Spanking
2. Paddled….Hard!
3. Torso Tickled, Ball Weights
4. Neural Stimmed & Vibrated
5. Butt Stuffing
6. Foot Tickle Torture
7. Tied Testicles
8. Cock Tease

Toned boy
Age 22
Over the past few years, I've admired the "work" that Toned boy has done for Bound Gods (under the name "DJ"). And now I've finally gotten him all to myself in my Dungeon! And he's even hotter in person than he was on video. I almost named him "Ripped boy" since he has washboard abs, but decided to go with Toned boy since his entire body is tight and toned. If you want to see more of Toned boy, check out Bound Gods (search for DJ) Boy appears in:
Bondage 94
Spank 48
Cum 58

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Inspected
2. Clothespinned Genitals
3. Humbled & Spanked
4. Spanked & Flogged
5. Violet Wand
6. Vibrator Stimulation
7. Milked & Showered

Str8 boy
Age 37
This boy was in town for a few days for a business convention. He's been a fan of my site for a number of years, but never bothered to get in touch.....until now! He was so horny to get used in my Dungeon, that I decided to take him on, since I might not ever get another chance. During the interview, I found out that I was about to collar yet another str8, married boy. Boy admits to submitting to a few Dominatrix and having his balls tortured by women. But he also admitted to being a "gay virgin". Since I already have a Hetero boy and a Married boy; I had to use Str8 boy as his boy name. Then it was time to string him up, strip him naked and take advantage of the situation! Boy appears in:
Bondage 86
Spank 42
Cum 51

Session 01:
1. Exposed & Inspected
2. Cock Stock
3. Tortured Squirt
4. Testicle Torture
5. Balls - Pressed and Beaten
6. Humbled & Spanked
7. Neural Stimulator
8. Balls - Stretched & Waxed
9. Cock Tease
10 Cum….Again

Personal Trainer boy
Age 21
This sexy 21 y/o boy came to me looking to make some cash to help pay expenses. He showed up for his interview wearing his sweaty gym clothes.....very sexy! When I asked him about that, he confessed that he also makes some money by doing personal training at his gym. And, of course, that really attracted my attention and I was really anxious to get him stretched up in my Dungeon so I could strip him and check out his body. And fortunately, he agreed to a session....even though he has no experience with bondage and very little experience with men. Boy appears in:
Bondage 85
Tickle 39
Spank 41
Foot 23
Cum 50

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Molested
2. Blindfolded & Tickled
3. Paddled & Ass Probed
4. Foot Tickle Torture
5. Bellybuton & Tummy Tickle
6. Butt Spanking
7. Ball Stretch, Ass Poked
8. Boy Milking & Shower
9. Post Session SIRGasm

Married boy
Age 32
Married boy first discovered my Dungeon website way back in 2002....and it took him all of these years to finally work up the balls to contact me. That is definitely a punishable offense! When I put him on his knees in my Dungeon and interrogated him about his sexual experience and needs; he quickly confessed to being married. And, of course, nothing excites me quite as much as a str8 boy who can't resist submitting himself to another man. If fact, I was even willing to keep his face covered; since he has to remain discrete. I patiently explained to him that he deserved nothing less than some intense punishment because it took him so long to contact me. And he still accepted my collar around his str8 boy neck! Boy appears in:
Bondage 80
Cum 46
Spank 37
Fuck 31

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Molested
2. Spread Eagled & Spanked
3. Probing Boy's Ass
4. Sounding Boy's Cock
5. Ball Pressed & Sounded
6. Vibrator Tease
7. Teased, Tortured to Orgasm

Swimmer boy
Age 21
This 21 y/o gay boy showed up for his Dungeon interview fresh from his college diving class. He tells me that he's really a bondage top and decided that he needed to get some experience on the bottom side. Those of you who are fans of my site know full well how much I enjoy taking on "top" boys in my Dungeon....and training them in how to submit to an experienced Top Man! His favorite things to do to a helpless guy include tickling, spanking and breath control. So after I got him strung up in my Dungeon, I decided that he needed to get a taste of his own torture techniques. Boy appears in:
Tickle 72
Tickle 73
Cum 41
Spank 33
Tickle 31

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Tickled
2. Exposed, Hung by the Neck
3. Breath Control
4. Spanking Bench
5. Zapped with E-Stim Unit
6. Bathtub Water Torture, Part 1
7. Bathtub Water Torture, Part 2
8. Cock Teased
9. Milked to Orgasm

USMC boy
Age 43
This 43 y/o bi boy has always been put in the top role when he has sex. He has never been tied up, but wants to get some new experiences. He also showed up for his interview wearing a Marine t-shirt. As it turns out, he did a stint in the U.S. Marine Corp (USMC).....and that gave me some ideas! Boy appears in:
Bondage 69
Bondage 70
Cum 38
Fuck 27
Suck 20
Tickle 29

Session 01:
1. Stretched & Exposed
2. Zapped & Collared
3. Dungeon Boot Camp
4. Suck Training
5. Ass Poke & Probe
6. Foot & Torso Tickle
7. Mouth
8. Neural Stimulator
9. Sling Suck & Fuck
10. Butt Plug
11. Milked & More!

Tall boy
Age 27
This boy is a 27 y/o str8 dude who has a fair amount of bondage experience...but only with a top! He enjoys tying up his girlfriend, biting her and feeding her some cock. BUT he's been having some fantasies recently about submitting to a man and finding out what it's like to be on the bottom. And since I've alway said that any good top man needs to experience what it's like to be on the bottom....I was more than willing to give him that experience. Boy appears in:
Bondage 68
Cum 37
Foot 19
Spank 31
Tickle 28

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Inspected
2. Tickled, Pinned, Bitten
3. Ball Weights & Clothespins
4. Paddled & Flogged
5. CBT with Flogger
6. Foot Tickle Torture
7. Jack Off & Shower

College boy
Age 23
College boy is a 23 y/o guy who is terminally str8! He has never had sexual contact with another man and doesn't have any bondage experience. But he is currently in college and is low on funds, so he wanted to check out the scene and see if he could make some "easy" money! I gave him a brief tour of the Dungeon, but he was still very resistant to submitting to man... even though he really needed the cash. Sometimes boys like this need some extra "convincing" before they finally give it up to me! Boy appears in:
Bondage 66
Bondage 67
Cum 36
Foot 18
Spank 30

Session 01:
1. Attacked & Stripped
2. Exposed & Teased
3. Vibrated, Stimulated, Collared
4. Ass Play & Torture
5. Foot Tickle & Tease
6. Stretched Out & Molested
7. Paddled & Flogged
8. Stroked & Teased
9. Milked & Showered

Shy boy
Age 35
This 35 y/o Asian boy first submitted to me in my Dungeon well over a year ago. I really wanted him to appear on my site, but he was much too shy to agree. Then, when he showed up again....begging to get used in my Dungeon.....I took advantage of his need to submit and convinced him to appear on my site. Only problem was that I had to keep his face covered. But this boy put on quite a show, anyway. A very horny boy who loves servicing and servicing a SIR! Boy appears in:
Bondage 65

Session 01:
1.Strung Up & Stripped

Trimmed boy
Age 24
This 24 y/o boy has not had much experience with bondage, but thinks he would enjoy it. I decided not to ask him too many questions before I actually collared him. I didn't want to scare him off....heh heh heh! And after I got him strung up and started to explore his body, I quickly discovered a couple of things. First, this boy did some trimming of his body hair! And, even more exciting, I discovered that he is extremely ticklish! I didn't ask him about tickling during the interview (on purpose!).....and now it was too late for him to escape! Boy appears in:
Bondage 60
Foot 14
Suck 17
Tickle 25
Cum 29

Session 01:
1. Stripped, Tickled, Teased
2. Exposed, Foot Tickle
3. Sucking Cock
4. Spread Eagled, Tickle Tortured
5. Armpit Trimmed and Tickled
6. Milked…..and More!

Pierced boy
Age 25
This 25 y/o boy is in the escort business and contacted me because he wanted to get some experience with bondage and role play. Apparently some of his clients have bondage and fetish fantasies; so he wants to expand his sexual experiences to include some kinky action. And there's nothing I enjoy more than expanding a boy's sexual experiences! I decided to name him Pierced boy after I started to strip him naked. When I raised his t-shirt up to expose his chest, I realized that his tits and bellybutton were pierced. Needless to say, I decided to take advantage of those piercings. Boy appears in:
Bondage 58
Bondage 59
Cum 28
Foot 13
Spank 25

Session 01:
1. Secured & Stripped
2. Foot Tickle Torture
3. Vibrator & Violet Wand
4. Strung Up & Spanked
5. Foot Tickle, Bastinado
6. Ass Poked & Paddled
7. Clothespinned Genitals
8. Stroked, Poked & Teased
9. Milked & Punished

CBT boy
Age 26
This 26 y/o boy placed an ad on Craigslist that attracted my attention. He wanted to get tied down and have his "junk" abused. And if there's one thing I REALLY enjoy's giving a boy some intense CBT. So I strung him up in my bondage frame and set to work on him. Boy appears in:
Bondage 55
Bondage 56
Tickle 24
Cum 26

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Spanked
2. Cock & Ball Torture
3. Armpit & Foot Tickle
4. Cock & Ball Press
5. Clothespinned Junk
6. Electric Stimulation
7. Pinned, Fingered, Teased
8. No Mercy Milking

Muscle boy
Age 30
Muscle boy is a 30 y/o str8 guy who does construction work and fitness training. And his very HOT muscled body sure shows how fit he really is! He showed up for his Dungeon interview with a very interesting story. It seems that muscle boy has a girlfriend who he has tied up a couple of times. He really enjoyed tying her down and toying with her and wants to do it again. However, his girlfriend refuses to let him tie her down anymore......unless he submits to another man! And that's where Master Steve gets intimately involved! Boy appears in:
Bondage 53
Bondage 54
Spank 24
Foot 11
Cum 25

Session 01:
1. Secured & Felt Up
2. Spread Eagled & Spanked
3. CBT Device
4. The Swing
5. Molest that Ass
6. Foot Tickle Torture
7. The Milking
8. Shower

Trained boy
Age 19
This 19 y/o Asian boy was sent to me by his current Master (who happens to be a friend of mine!). I called him Trained boy because he has already been collared and trained by his Master. However, every slave boy in training needs to get more experience by being used by a variety of Masters. So he was ordered to report for duty in my Dungeon. After placing my collar around his neck; I took him back into my Dungeon playroom, stripped him naked and then the fun really began! . Boy appears in:
Bondage 51
Bondage 51
Tickle 23
Cum 24

Session 01:
1. Collared & Stripped
2. Secured & Stimulated
3. Tickled & Teased
4. Suspended & Teased
5. No Cumming (Part 1)
6. No Cumming (Part 2)
7. Violet Wand
8. Sat on & Tickled
9. Milked & Showered

Jock boy
Age 28
Jock boy is a 28 y/o grad. student. This boy is also str8 and he's had some experience in bondage....but with women. Now's he's decided that he wants to experience getting tied down by a man; so he got in contact with me. And I'm just the Master to give him a testosterone enhanced bondage experience! Boy appears in:
Bondage 50
Spank 23
Cum 23

Session 01:
1. Stretched & Stripped
2. Paddled
3. Violet Wand Torture
4. Vacuum Pumped
5. Milked…..and More!

Runner boy
Age 26
Runner boy showed up for his interview wearing his running shorts. This 26 y/o str8 boy was more than a bit leary about getting tied up and used by a man, but he looked so sexy in his running shorts that I decided to try something different with him. I convinced him to take a look at my Dungeon setup to see if we couldn't work something out. Well, one cuff lead to another cuff and before he realized what was was too late. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too late! Boy appears in:
Bondage 48
Bondage 49
Spank 22
Cum 21

Session 01:
1. Tricked into Bondage
2. Gagged & Exposed
3. CBT Device
4. Zapped by Violet Wand
5. Stretched & Spanked
6. Suspended & Milked
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Mideast boy
Age 22
This 22 y/o Israeli boy is yet another str8 boy who let his curiousity get the best of him. And, of course, I was there to take advantage of the situation. Mideast boy was very limited in what he was willing to experience. But once I got him strung up in the Dungeon, I went ahead and did my own exploration of his "limits". Boy appears in:
Bondage 45
Spank 20
Foot 8
Cum 17

Session 01:
1. Strung Up & Stripped
2. Tickled & Spanked
3. Foot Torture, Butt Whack
4. Teased & Milked

Student boy
Age 18
This sexy 18 y/o black boy was a total novice when it came to bondage and submission. But he was hot to trot and wanted some new I gave him a few that he's not likely to forget. I love getting a young, fresh-faced boy collared....and naked. Since he was so new to the scene, I decided to treat him to an intro bondage session. Boy appears in:
Bondage 43
Suck 14
Cum 14

Session 01:
1. Interviewed & Stripped
2. Molested
3. Butt Play
4. Milked!

Hung boy
Age 26
This sexy 26 y/o boy was given a boy name that speaks for itself! I loved stretching Hung boy up in my bondage frame...and sloooooooooowly exploring his body as I stripped him naked. After getting him naked, I toyed with his nice, meaty boy-cock and also inspected his very hot bubble butt. However, I had more fun entertaining myself by discovering all the most sensitive areas on his exposed body! Boy appears in:
Bondage 42
Tickle 20
Foot 7

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Tickled
2. Tickled & Cock Whacked
3. Foot Tickle
4. Cock Tease
5. Jacking & Punished

Top boy
Age 31
Top boy is HOT, muscled latino boy....and that is exactly the reason I had him over for an interview. Unfortunately (for him), he insisted during the interview that was only a top and didn't bottom. So I decided right then that this was a boy who needed to be broken down and dominated in my Dungeon. And since I couldn't convince him to bottom...voluntarily....I had to get creative! Boy appears in:
Bondage 39
Bondage 40
Bondage 41
Spank 18
Cum 12

Session 01:
1. The Setup
2. Stripped & Flogged
3. Vibrator Tease, Neural Stim
4. Violet Wand
5. Butt Whacking
6. Gagged & Flogged
7. Electro Torture
8. Pinned & Tortured
9. Milked & Unpinned

Ticklish boy
Age 27
This boy is a 27 y/o foreign exchange student who wanted to experience an "intro" session in my Dungeon. He wasn't sure if he would enjoy it or not...but was willing to give it a try. Unfortunately.....for the boy.... I quickly discovered that he was EXTREMELY ticklish! So much so, if fact, that I got a little carried away. And this boy got a LOT more bondage and tickle torture experience than he ever imaged! Every part of Ticklish boy's body is very sensitive. Not only to my fingers....but also to my trusty vibrator! Check out this clip and watch this boy stuggle to escape my probing fingers and relentless vibrator. Boy appears in:
Bondage 35
Tickle 17
Spank 15
Suck 12
Spank 16
Tickle 19
Cum 12

Session 01:
1. Tied & Tickled
2. Vibrator Tickle Torture
3. Hand Spanking
4. Suck
5. Ass in the Air
6. Foot Tickled & Vib. Teased
7. Milked and Tortured

Broken boy
Age 31
I've had my eye on this boy for quite a while, but he is very shy and not into bondage play.... so I knew I would have a hard time getting him into my Dungeon for a session. I finally decided to lure him into my Dungeon for a photo bondage or anything kinky....Ha ha! This boy was so fucking shy that he didn't even want to pose nude for me, but I was determined to get him way of another! Fortunately (for me), he was curious about the setup in my Dungeon and I was more than happy to give him a brief demo of how it works. Boy appears in:
Bondage 32
Bondage 33
Bondage: 34
Spank 14
Fuck 17
Fuck 18
Suck 11

Session 01: (9 clips)
1. The Setup
2. Ripped, Stripped & Flogged
3. Paddled & Gagged
4. Cock & Ball Torture
5. The Anal Hook
6. Mouth R a p e
7. Shaved, Waxed, Collared
8. Suck & Fuck
9. Pinned, Rimmed & Fucked

Captured boy
Age 25
Captured boy is a sexy 25 y/o who thought he was showing up at my "studio" in order to have some modeling pictures taken. However, needless to say, I had my own agenda with this boy. I wanted him tied up and at my I made damn sure that this would happen. Check out the Bondage Room and find out how I managed to capture this boy...and use him for my sexual needs. Boy appears in:
Bondage 29
Bondage 30
Spanking 12
Fucking 15

Session 01:
1. Knocked Out!
2. Cock Whipped
3. Clothespinned
4. Cock & Ball Tease
5. Butt Spank & Foot Tickle
6. Mummified
7. Wrapped Up & Tortured
8. Asshole Inspection
9. Fucked & Milked


butt fuck boy
Age 30
Butt Fuck boy is a smooth, lean and sexy boy who earned his "boy" name in the Fuck room! He didn't really cum alive, until I inserted the pussy condom in his ass and proceeded to mount him in my sling. Moaning, groaning, squirming and begging to be allowed to cum! I loved having this kind of control. This boy has only been with 2 other "would be" Master's before....but, he was still craving to be with a really dominant and experienced Master! And I was happy to fulfill this craving. I'm sure he will be back for more! Boy appears in:
Bondage 27
Spanking 11
Suck 8
Fucking 13

Session 01:
1. Cuffed & Stripped
2. Stretched & Pinned
3. Bent Over & Whacked
4. Sucking Sir's Cock
5. Pussyized
6. Fucked & Milked


Smooth boy
Age 38
Smooth boy is another one of the many Asian boys who have been used in my Dungeon. This boy is also str8 and is collared by his Mistress. However, as with soooooooooo many "str8" boys, he's always had fantasies about being dominated by a Master. So, when he got in touch with me...begging me for a could I resist! Boy appears in:
Bondage 26
Suck 7
Cum-a-torium 10

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Molested
2. Cock & Butt Paddled
3. Cock Sucking
4. Spanked
5. Shaved & Milked


Mechanic boy
Age 20
Mechanic boy first visited my Dungeon in mid 2006 and he has been back for a number of sessions since then. I could tell right from the beginning that this boy had LOTS of potential for training as one of my slave boys. Since he loves working on his cars, I decided that Mechanic boy was an appropriate boy name. This boy is tall, slim, smooth and has a nice package in his crotch! I particularly enjoy his big, low hanging nuts! You'll be seeing plenty of this boy in the months to come! Boy appears in:
Bondage 20
Bondage 21
Bondage 28
Bondage 31
Foot 3
Fuck 10
Fuck 11
Fuck 14
Fuck 16
Spanking 13
Suck 6
Suck 9
Suck 10
Tickle 16
Cum-a-torium Sir Milking

Session 01:
1. Stripped Naked
2. Clothespinned
3. Sucking Sir's Cock
4. Tickled & Spanked
5. Fucked & Milked
6. Fucked & Paddled
7. Sir Milking

Session 02:
1. Stripped
2. Pinned & Spanked
3. On Your Knees, boy!
4. Bent Over & Spanked
5. Fucked Face Down
6. Pinned & Fucked
7. Sling Fucked & Milked

Session 03:
1. Suit & Tie Spanking
2. Sucking & Stipping Sir
3. Foot Tortured
4. Sprayed & Clothespinned
5. Humbled & Spanked
6. Tickled & Waxed
7. Fucked Doggie Style
8. Sling Fucked & Milked

Session 04:
1. Stripped & Whipped
2. Foot Lick, Cock Suck
3. Suck & Fuck
4. Rimming SIR's Ass
5. Cum Controlled

Session 05:
1. Punished!
2. Foot Masturbation
3. Gagged & Tortured
4. Fucked & Milked
5. Sucked to SIRgas


Sk8ter boy (Kade)
Age 23
Sk8ter boy showed up for his interview carrying his skateboard! So his boy name was obvious right from the start. Sk8ter boy has made a number of porno flicks under his stage name...Kade! Since this boy had some experience with being on video, I decided to try some things with him that I haven't done with my more inexperienced boys. Check out his sessions and vids and you'll see what I had in mind!! Boy appears in:
Bondage 17
Bondage 18
Bondage 19
Bondage 24
Bondage 25
Fuck 8
Fuck 9
Fuck 12
Spanking 10
Suck 5

Session 01:
1. Collared & Controlled
2. Stretched & Stripped
3. Ball Stretching
4. Sucking Cock
5. Clothespinned
6. Sling Torture
7. Fucked & Pinned
8. Fucked & Milked

Session 02
1. Stripped & Molested
2. Spanked & Rewarded
3. Humbled & Paddled
4. Waxed
5. Fucked
6. Milked


tattoo boy
Age 23
Tattoo boy is one of the many bi-boys who have entertained me in my Dungeon. He is married to a women who is also into kinky sex play. But this boy also really enjoys being used by a SIR! He has been dominated by women on another site, but he prefers being used by a dominant man....because noone can dominate a a SIR! Boy appears in:
Bondage 10
Bondage 12
Bondage 13
Tickle 3
Tickle 4
Tickle 11
Tickle 12
Spanking 1
Spanking 6

Session 01:
1. Tickle 1
2. Tickle 2
3. Spank 1

Session 02:
1. Neural Stimulator 1
2. Neural Stimulator 2
3. Gagged & Tickled
4. Boner Torture
5. Cock & Ball Torture
6. Suspension Spanking
7. Suspension Torture

Session 03:
1. Tickle Torture
2. Clothespinned
3. Spank 2
4. Spank 3


goatee boy
Age 25
Goatee boy tells me that the first time he saw my site while browsing the net, he knew immediately that he wanted to be used and abused by me.....AND be displayed on my site for all to see. So this is one boy that you will, indeed, see ALL of! He is also a bi-boy who has had some experience with female doms, but very little experience with male doms. And, once again, I am there to plug (so to speak) that experience gap. Boy appears in:
Bondage 8
Cum-a-torium 6
Fuck 3
Foot 1
Foot 2
Spanking 3
Spanking 4
Sucking 1
Tickle 5

Session 01:
1. Suck 1
2. Suck & Fuck
3. Butt Fuck

Session 02:
1. Tickle 1
2. Foot Tickle
3. Foot Fuck
4. Spanking
5. Paddling
6. Flogging
7. SIRgasm


Navel boy
Age 37
Navel boy made his first appearance in my Dungeon way back in 2001 and he continues to cum back every year for more fun a games. As his name implies, he has an intense fetish with his belly button. All I have to do is stick something in his navel and he gets instantly hard! What's more, he is extremely ticklish! He is soooooooooooo ticklish, if fact, that I tend to concentrate on all his most sensitive areas and tickling the hell out of him. Boy appears in:
Bondage 11
Cum-a-torium 9
Bondage 22
Bondage 23
Bondage 35
Foot 4
Cum 11
Spanking 5
Spanking 9
Tickle 6
Tickle 7
Tickle 8
Tickle 9
Tickle 10
Tickle 17

Session 04:
1. Spank & Tickle
2. Caning
3. Pit Tickle
4. Tied Together
5. Swing & Belly Poke
6. Swing & Vibrator
7. Bellybutton Tickle
8. Foot Tickle
9. Cum Milking

Session 05
1. Neural Stimulator
2. Bellybutton Tickle Torture
3. Belly Poked, Milking

Session 06
1. Stripped & Spanked
2. Tied & Teased
3. Butt Whacked
4. Belly Poked, Ball Whacked
5. Suspended & Milked

1. Collared, Cuffed, Tickled
2. The Swing
3. Butt Whacked
4. Foot Tickle
5. Teased to Orgasm


Surfer boy
Age 44
Surfer boy has been wanting to get used in my Dungeon and posted on my site for quite some time. However, since he lives in southern California, it has taken a long time to arrange a session with him. Then again, this boy is an avid where better to live than in southern CA! Surfer boy has quite a bit of bondage experience, but I always start off slowly with any new boy....gradually building up the intensity until I determine how much he can take. And you can find out how much he did take, by checking out his sessions. Boy appears in:
Bondage 14
Fuck 6

Session 01:
1. Stripped
2. Strung Up & Spanked
3. Clothespinned
4. Cock Sucking
5. Butt Fucked


Hetero boy
Age 41
I first used Hetero boy in my Dungeon way back in 2002 when we did two sessions together. Then I didn't hear from him again until early in 2006, when he finally got back in touch and begged me to do some corporal punishment on him. He is every bit as str8 now as he was four years ago, so I decided to keep his boy name the same. I was also pleased to find out that he was very interested in appearing on my new site. This boy is very well hung, has a hot body and is VERY much into getting punished. I got some great video and pix of me punishing Hetero boy with my cane...and many other Dungeon check him out! Boy appears in:
Bondage 15
Fuck 7
Spanking 7

Session 01:
1. Stripped & Caned
2. Leather Belt
3. Clothespinned
4. Humbled & Caned
5. Sling Caning
6. Testicle Torture
7. Fucked Face Down
8. Fucked Up
9. Fucked & Milked


Asian boy
Age 35
This boy is from Japan and travels to the U.S. occasionally for work. The last time I used him in my Dungeon was back in 2000. In 2006 he was back in my area....and more than ready for another session in my Dungeon. He was also turned on by the thought of appearing on my site! This boy has an intense 501 jean fetish and he is extremely ticklish. Check this boy's sessions and you will see some very intense and erotic tickling and spanking sessions. Boy appears in:
Bondage 16
Tickle 13
Tickle 14
Tickle 15
Spanking 8
Suck 4

Session 01:
1. Tickled in 501's
2. Sucking Sir's Cock
3. Strung Up & Tickled
4. Suspended & Milked
5. Stretched & Tortured
6. Tied, Tickled, Milked Again

Session 02:
1. Stripped & Spanked
2. Mirror Spanked 1
3. Mirror Spanked 2
4. Tickle Tortured & Milked
5. Sir Milking


rimmer boy
Age 40
Rimmer boy is the first boy who I collared full time. He first submitted to me in June, 2002 and I put my collar around his neck.....for Aug, 2003. This boy is sort of shy about exposing his face on my site, so that is why his face is covered more than my other slave boys. Rimmer boy and I have had many fun times, both in my Dungeon and in other locations. And I will be sharing some of those adventures on my site.....for all to see. Oh, and one last thing....this boy really does earn is name. Rimming is his speciality! Boy appears in:
Bondage 1
Bondage 2
Bondage 3
Spanking 2
Sucking 3

shaved boy
Age 36
Shaved boy is my #2 collared boy! He first submitted to me in March, 2003 and after just a few sessions, I realized that this boy had potential! So I took him under my protective SIR wing and began to allow him to explore.....under my direction, of course. This boy is not at all shy about displaying himself. In fact, if the truth be told.....he actually really ENJOYS being displayed by me. I have also had many fun adventure with shaved boy, not to mention all the adventures the three of us have experienced together. Boy appears in:
Bondage 4
Bondage 5
Bondage 6
Bondage 7
Bondage 9
Bondage: Concerto
Cum 4
Fuck 1
Fuck 2
Fuck 4
Fuck 5
Spanking 2
Sucking 2
Sucking 3
Tickle 1