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There is nothing quite like a good fuck to put a boy in his place. Domination is the name of the game in Steve's Dungeon and fucking has always been my primary means of control. Climbing on top of a sexy boy ass, probing his hole with my finger and inserting my raging hard on.....there's no other feeling quite like it. When I fuck, I always fuck safely. However, I very seldom use a regular condom (on my cock) for fucking boy ass. That is much too confining and is not very conducive to spontaneous mounting. My preferred method for fucking is to use a vaginal condom. Or, as I refer to them....a pussy condom. What could be more controlling and humiliating (for that matter), than inserting a pussy condom in a boy's ass!!? I make it clear from the beginning that he is nothing more than my pussy boy....and once the condom has been inserted, it becomes obvious that the boy is now nothing more than a pussy waiting to get plugged.

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Session Pictures:

Scene 43
Mechanic boy
Scene 42
Latino boy
Scene 41
Shaved boy
Scene 40
Latino boy
Scene 39
Mechanic boy
Scene 38
Runner boy
Scene 37
Mechanic boy
Scene 36
P-trainer boy
Scene 35
Runner boy
Scene 34
Mechanic boy
Scene 33
Runner boy
Scene 32
USMC boy
Scene 31
Married boy
Scene 30
Mechanic boy
Scene 29
Mechanic boy
Scene 28
Mechanic boy
Scene 27
USMC boy
Scene 26
Shy boy
Scene 25
Mechanic boy
Scene 24
CBT boy
Scene 23
Pierced & Top
Scene 22
Mechanic boy
Scene 21
Mechanic boy
Scene 20
Navel boy
Scene 19
Broken boy
Scene 18
Broken boy
Scene 17
Broken boy
Scene 16
Mechanic boy
Scene 15
Captured boy
Scene 14
Mechanic boy
Scene 13
Butt Fuck boy
Scene 12
Sk8ter boy
Scene 11
Mechanic boy
Scene 10
Mechanic boy
Scene 09
Sk8ter boy
Scene 08
Sk8ter boy
Scene 07
Hetero boy
Scene 06
Surfer boy
Scene 03
Goatee boy