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It has only been fairly recently that I have developed an interest in feet. Many of the boys I have played with over the past few years have a foot fetish to one degree or another. This is particularly true of all you tickling fanatics. So my interest in sexy male feet has developed out of my association with those who have this fetish. I’ve also been told that I have very sexy feet, so I started paying more attention to my feet as well as those of my boys. I have set up the Foot Room to cater to the needs of all you guys who are into male feet! You will find plenty of picture of my feet and I will be updating this area with more feet pictures in the coming months.

Foot Room Video Clips (Click here)

Session Pictures:

Scene 34
Scene 33

Scene 32

Scene 31
Mechanic boy

Scene 30
P-Trainer boy

Scene 29
Latino boy

Scene 28
Latino boy

Scene 27
USMC boy

Scene 26
P-trainer boy

Scene 25
Broken boy

Scene 24
Mechanic boy

Scene 23
P-trainer boy

Scene 22
Runner boy

Scene 21
Trained boy

Scene 20
Mechanic boy

Scene 19
Tall boy

Scene 18
College boy

Scene 17
Shy boy

Scene 16
Ticklish boy

Scene 15
CBT boy

Scene 14
Trimmed boy

Scene 13
Pierced boy

Scene 12
Mechanic boy

Scene 11
Muscle boy

Scene 10
Navel boy

Scene 09
Sk8ter boy

Scene 08
Mideast boy

Scene 07
Hung boy

Scene 06
Broken boy

Scene 05
Broken boy

Scene 04
Navel boy

Scene 03
Mechanic boy

Scene 02
Goatee boy

Scene 01
Goatee boy